Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Happy HIV/AIDS Day!!

As you all should be well aware the 1st of December is World HIV/AIDS awareness day. And if you’re not aware you damn well should be now.
The main jist of this post; to quote Pooh Bear is

We all know that HIV/AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease; well, you can be born with it or get it through blood transfusions or needles but nowadays they vet donated blood for it so MOSTLY you’re going to get it through getting it on.
You may have dismissed the disease as something only present in the developing world but in fact 83,000 people in Britain currently have it- knowingly or not. So we should all be vigilant- you can’t outwardly tell if someone has it unless they’re in the last stages of the disease but even then, they could appear to be a badly kept supermodel.
The virus is most easily spread via the blood, which means that you’re most susceptible if you partake in backdoor sex (sorry my glittery darlings) as that passage is delicate.
A great film that shows the reality of being an AIDS victim is Philadelphia with Tom Hanks:

Of course AIDS is the most horrid venereal disease- but there are others which can be quite grim or even fatal.

So it is of the utmost importance that you all remain safe.
The Pill is not enough, you need some sort of barrier- i.e a condom or femidom (lol does anyone actually use them) and diseases can also be spread via fellatio or cunnilingus so keep it wrapped up at alllllllll times- dental dams are available for lady-eaters if you should so wish.
Barrier protection is cheap to buy, even free in some cases so you have no excuse.

And you should DEFINITELY get yourself tested before you engage in unsafe sex- and only do it with someone you trust. Cause like, if they’ve got a little something on the side, you’re essentially sleeping with them too- no matter how skanky they are.

Also look what you can get!

If that’s not enough to get you all wrapped up then there’s no hope for you.

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