Monday, 29 November 2010

Sugar Daddies

When a girl’s down on her luck- it’s always an option to ensnare someone rich and elderly, get them to put a ring on it then wait it out til they kick the bucket.
I mean, if Anna Nicole Smith can do it so could I! We’re both voluptuous blondes with a penchant for stripping after all.

But, I don’t quite think I could. Anyone over forty makes me think of my father and that’s all a bit Freudian and unnerving. I don’t even usually find older celebrities attractive.. George Clooney is forty-nine for Jesus’ sake amen!
(look at those crows feet)

They probably are all wrinkly and syphilis-ridden underneath their clothes- I don’t care if they have more “experience”- they probably started out pre-the existence of condoms! I can't imagine how so many girls do it- and how many men think they can get away with it.. I’ve been leered at by many a geriatric in my time. (and it isn’t just men, we met an old lady in a mobility scooter who offered Mohawk a lift up to Manchester in her shiny new Zafira)

In my mind men are not like fine wines that only get better with age- they are glasses of milk that should be left well alone once they’re past their best.

What do you all think? Boys are you into cougars? Was this what Meatloaf was singing about when he’d do anything for love but he won’t do that?

Comment with any responses? Tell me if I am normal!

EDIT: Oh! I forgot, there is one exception.. Don Draper mmm he's so beautiful. Also James Bond in the books.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Time Warp

I was watching a programme on iplayer (Turn Back Time: The High Street) and this, combined with watching another programme on 4OD (Time Warp Wives- and yes I’m aware that I watch too much TV) has planted an idea seed in the compost of my mind.

I think I was born in the wrong era. People say this all the time but they’ve not looked at it from all angles, could they really live without facebook, the Xbox or Primark? I realise I’m criticising these people whilst writing a blog- but I suppose in the olden days I’d have written for the Parish Newsletter or something. Anyway, the time in which I think I’d feel most at home is during the second world war, perhaps the fifties or sixties would be trendier but my reasons are as follows:

Back then a woman was a woman; they wore dresses never trousers (love it) red lipstick (double love it) and medium-height heeled shoes (practical). They were comparably modest ensembles, not too much chest or legs; perfect, I'd have been the cat's meow. 
Check these ladies out:

Whilst many of our men would have been sent off to the front, I’d be willing to make that sacrifice if they all looked that dashing in their uniforms. Also, towards the end of the war we had American GIs come over- and flirting with British women was a common pastime for them.

The music was just so good! Lots of brass and crooners, no awful twanging and wailing like nowadays. And the best part of the music was the dances people held to keep up morale! I’d have loved to learn to jive, lindy hop or swing.

For most people, WW2 food would be a turn off.. there wasn’t much of it for starters- this was the age of rationing. There wasn’t much meat, sugar, butter or eggs and many other necessities ran short- but there were a lot of carrots, and guess what? Carrots are my fave.

Women’s Lib
While the men were at war women had to take up their jobs; so it was quite common to become a WREN, part of the Women’s Land Army, work in munitions factories or be a bus conductress. I think I’d have liked to do something like that, I’d have never been a VAD though, I’m too afraid of blood.

All in all I’d have been a jolly good sport during the war; I think it’d be worth dodging a few bombs for. 

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Batty Girl

Okay, I just read this and the long and the short of it is that people, especially young people consider the music tastes of a potential partner to be an important factor in whether they’ll get with them. Which draws me to a conclusion I’ve reached time and time again- I am a gay man trapped inside a woman’s body.
elton john miss piggy gay pink muppets

My tastes in music go something like this: Cher, Prince, Madonna, Kate Bush, Dolly Parton, The GoGo’s, Beyoncé, Musicals, Lady GaGa, Disco generally and ABBA. (enjoy the youtubes) 

If I was to find a straight man that was into all that even I’d probably think he was a crafty butcher.

My hobbies too tend to bend towards the festive persuasion: singing, miming that I am singing, cats, glitter, Glee, watching reality T.V. shows (not x-factor but the good ones like ANTM and RuPaul’s Drag Race), cocktails and dressing up.

You may remark that these are not so much the activities of the friends of Dorothy, but rather typically female leisure pursuits. So perhaps I should become a Todger-Dodger.  But I just couldn’t… the thought of women *shudder* --

Furthermore, many of my friends… perhaps most of my friends are fruity. I didn’t do it on purpose, I befriend them then BAM the closet flies open and they’re in there dressed in multicoloured glitter and neck scarves/plaid.
Even my first boyfriend, alas- is gay.
If only my six year old self knew better than to fall for someone just cause he liked Barbie the same as I did… (luv you bby boi)

All this inadvertent association with the rainbow crowd has turned me into a massive Fag Hag. Basically, to those not down with the lingo- Karen from Will & Grace.
karen walker jack will grace fag hag faghag friends

And I’ve always wondered, am I alone in this? Is it a real syndrome? Can I call it gender-sexual-dysphoria and get a programme made on me for channel 4?

Does this happen to men? Do any of you think you’re psychological lesbians? Should I start a support group?

Actually, I kind of love it. And to quote the great Tyra Banks, it’s totally “fierce”.

(and fyi I’ve included a lot of links for definitions to all the lulzy euphemisms and nicknames I’ve used throughout this, I hope I’ve widened your vocabulary)

love you all,
a big shout out to all my sassy gay friends: especially the mohawked one who has no shame and asked me to do this. ok i love you all, but especially you.


Saturday, 20 November 2010

Poets and Hos

I am currently sat in the library writing an essay on a couple of poems; one of which is an imagined exchange between a Victorian prostitute and an old friend from the barton- if you're aware of what a barton is then you'll already know that yes, it is Thomas Hardy- and if you’re interested it’s called The Ruined Maid.

Anyway, I wanted to procrastinate but not entirely deviate from the topic. Therefore, today I’m going to grapple with the mammoth issue of having sex then getting paid for it, or- being a ho.

When prostitution and the media converge one of two things result, and you’re either going to be watching:
a) A news report or documentary about hookers getting murdered

b) A drama about a fictional prostitute

It all gets a bit serious when talking about real life events, so we’ll look at the portrayal of the fictional harlot.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Last year for some unbeknownst reason (I’m thinking it’s most likely the huge amount of sex on show) Secret Diary of a Call Girl starring Billie Piper became extremely popular amongst my friends. For those of you who don’t know, it is a series based on a blog of a high-end London call girl called Belle du Jour and it also the most watched programme on ITV 2.
As the programme is supposed to be based on a blog which is supposed to be an accurate depiction of the life of an escort, I have many issues with it.

1. Firstly, it makes prostitution out to be perhaps the most glamorous profession you could possibly get in to. Belle usually proffers her services to rich, distinguished looking, well-mannered, handsome and for the most part young, men.
Are the production team even aware of what a prostitute is? It is a service for men who have to pay for women to sleep with them. If they were rich and handsome they’d have no problem getting some even if they were married. There are plenty of women out there who’d have no scruples with having them for free.

2. There is very little danger in Belle’s life, even if the client is somewhat kinky it’s always in a cutesy way with riding crops, fluffy hand-cuffs etc.
A prostitute runs six times the chance of being murdered in her job than the average for every other profession. Plus men really want to “get their money’s worth” so they can end up bound and beaten.

3.Belle controls her own hours and the sex takes place in either her beautiful flat, top-end hotels or at lavish sex parties.
How rich are these fricking men, not only are they paying, presumably by the state of her home, a lot of money for the privilege of sleeping with her- but they also put her up in hotels? And these sex parties, I mean come on, how many can really exist? In this current economic climate how what man can afford to employ a team of prostitutes all in special outfits to entertain their chums… also do men really want to have sex in close proximity to their friends.. isn’t that a bit.. pervy?

4. She leads a double life the whole time, at first none of her non-prozzie friends know what she does.
How do you explain your nice clothes, house, stuff, sex preparation room etc to your friends without really telling them what you do? And don’t they realise that you’re in all day sleeping so you can “do the night shift”? This is crazy ITV I mean she has some cover story about being a secretary.. but that is totally incongruous with how she lives! Jeesh. Also the neighbours would be have to be totally oblivious to not be bloody suspicious about visitors and her comings and goings.

You’re all going to tell me to shut up with the ranting but this really grinds my gears. Nearly as much as poor spelling or ugg boots do.

Anyway, ciao babies. 

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Royal Weddings

Earlier this week Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their long-awaited engagement. I for one, am super-psyched for the wedding.. I am such a crazy royalist and I love a party, and only once in a blue moon do the two combine.

So in today’s musings I’ll be going all “Four Weddings” and assessing the dresses of a selection of royal nuptials from the last 170 years.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert: 1840
Victoria and Albert were very much the Posh and Becks of their time; everybody wanted to be them. So of course it was only natural that their wedding was one of the most lavish occasions of the era.
Victoria was a young bride at only 21 and looked ravishing in a white satin gown, adorned with orange flower blossoms and a flounce of  the finest lace that had ever been seen. And Prince Albert (who, I must admit is possibly my biggest historical crush) donned a field marshal’s uniform (mmm and who doesn't love a man in uniform?)

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip: 1947
Two years after the close of World War Two saw the marriage of our current monarch, and isn’t she a stunner.

Elizabeth, like her great-great-great-grandmother, also wed at 21- my favourite addition to her Norman Hartnell ensemble is the diamond tiara. And the best part of this wedding was that it was televised!

Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer: 1981
This ceremony was billed as the “the wedding of the century”, and whilst the marriage itself was short-lived, they definitely put on a show.

Lady Di’s dress was made of silk taffeta, decorated with lace, hand embroidery, sequins, and 10,000 pearls, and had a 25-foot train of ivory taffeta. This dress is a bit much for me, but, then again- this was the eighties.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles: 2005
Prince Charles’ 2nd wedding was somewhat overshadowed by the recent death of Pope John-Paul II. Plus it was only a civil ceremony and the Queen didn’t even go. What a cop-out. Plus they barely even acknowledged the public!

I think Camilla looks nice though, classy and reserved in both of her wedding outfits. 

I'm expecting great things from Kate and William, and they better not let me down! What do you lot think?

Monday, 15 November 2010

Student Money Saving Tips

I'm a tight-fisted miser and proud, and why shouldn't I be? I have money and you all have none. Follow these five key principles and live the life of a king:

1. Get yourself on the mailing list for Martin’s Money Tips, he collates all the deals and vouchers available online and in newspapers/magazines. There are all sorts, from online shopping to restaurants and magazine freebies. He’ll even advise you as to how much you’d have to spend in order for it to be worth it: for example, if you had 10% off H&M online you’d have to spend at least £30 for it to be worth it if the delivery is £3.

2.     Student discounts: ask if you can get money off whenever you try and buy something. At McDonalds you can get a free cheeseburger/hamburger/McFlurry if you buy a meal and present a student card; by my reckoning you can probably feed two people for under a fiver if you buy a large meal, have the free burger and split the chips and drink. If you have an NUS card you can get even better discounts, the most useful ones (in my opinion) are those for Amazon and Superdrug.

3.      Don’t be afraid to complain: if you’re not happy with something- go and give them a piece of your mind! One time I found a bit of plastic in a pizza at Frankie and Benny’s and we got the whole meal for free, all five of us.  Sending letters of complaint is also a good method to get vouchers and free stuff.

4.    Shop/cook in groups: everyone knows that it’s cheaper to buy in bulk and it also enables you to take advantage of buy one get one free and 3 for 2 deals. Alternatively, buy lots and freeze what you’re not going to immediately use. Also don’t shop while you’re hungry- cause you’ll just buy a load of junk food you don’t actually need.

5.     Take advantage of 2nd hand stuff: if you need something, try asking if anyone in your family/friends have an old one you can have, or check out charity shops. Your Nan probably has a spare toaster or drying-rack hanging about and you’ll get it for free unless she’s a total stinge.

Hope you find these useful and they help you all to be super prudent and thrifty. 

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Advanced Gastronomy with Nigella Dollface: Tinker's Toast

I'm going to show you how to make the best toast in the world--
Oh, I see that little know-it-all smirk, you think you can already do it hey?
NO. You are not capable. Stop getting ideas above your station.

This is a family recipe passed down through at least three generations- Grandad, Papa, Me. And I reckon Grandad learnt it from his dad but I can't exactly fact-check because he is sadly deceased.
Anyway. It is essentially a toasted marmite sandwich but if I don't show you all exactly how these two slices of perfection are achieved I know you're just going to try and do it your own way and make a total pigs ear of it- then think i'm crazy.
Also don't look away if you hate marmite, the same goodness is possible with jam, honey or marmalade.

Step One
Get out two slices of bread. White/brown it doesn't matter- there's no discrimination here. But it must be bog-standard sliced bread; no fancy bloomers or farmhouse loaves, throw that posh muck to the pigeons.

Step Two
Butter said slices- not too much butter or you'll mess it up and also have a coronary. I don't care whether you use real butter, margarine that you can't believe isn't butter or any other form of faux butter, just butter the damn slices. I'm using Co-op Olive Spread, it's quite nice.

Step Three
Spread one of the slices with marmite/a spread of your choice. With marmite it is important you give it a decent covering, all over, because that one covering is going to eventually cover both slices. Don't take the mick though because too much marmite is revolting.

Step Four
Now place one slice on top of the other, butter on marmite. I always wipe my knife on the top as a kind of signature or something.. 

Step Five
Place both slices into one slot of the toaster. This is why it's important to use thin bread.

Step Six
Turn on the toaster. Put it on a setting for it to be nicely browned- even if you're like me and prefer your toast blonde you must trust me, this only works with a good crunch.

Step Seven
Remove toast from toaster. 

Step Eight
Cut into triangles, it's the best way.

Step Nine
Now you will see that this process has created a revelation in toast-craft. The outside is crisp and the inside is gooey and moist and totally melt-in-the-mouth. 

paha you can see my brace indents.. 

Bon appetit!

also please feel free to comment and tell me how it went if you tried, i'd be glad to hear feedback.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Dressing Mad Men

Series Four of Mad Men just ended and I don’t know how I’m going to cope without my Joan fix for however long it is until Series Five hits the US.


Mad Men; Salute Pictures, Images and Photos

Also Betty is totally buff too, and you can’t afford not to mention’s most influential man of 2009- Mr Donald Draper.

(N.B If you don’t watch Mad Men- watch it. And if you already do- *high five*)

Today’s feature is going to help you lot buck up your style ideas and show you how to dress like a prissy housewife/saucepot secretary/highflying ad man/goody-two-shoes-with-a-shady-past copy writer- and all on the high street!

Knee length full skirts
Pastel colours

Necessary Accessories-

Real-Life Examples

(admittedly these are both kind of horrible but Bets is much more of a Spring/Summer rather than Autumn/Winter kind of gal.)

joan holloway harris christina hendricks mad men sixties sexy

Skin tight
Cleavage but not too much cleavage
Jewel colours

Necessary Accessories-
Sleek up-do
Big stud earrings like dis-
Sassy coquettish attitude
Curves that could kill a man at forty paces

Real-Life Examples
if it was a nicer colour like teal or something


Grey/navy single-breasted two button suit
White shirt
Skinny tie
And on special occasions you can whack out the loud check jacket

Necessary Accessories-
A double whiskey on the rocks
Some Luckies
A plethora of bits on the side ;)

Real-Life Examples
Brown/sludgy colours
Sensible shoes
No makeup

Necessary Accessories-
Go-getter attitude
Dodgy fringe
Dodgy ponytail
Post-makeover: decent bob

Real-Life Examples


A little late I know..

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


(Warning: this post is going to be super camp and OTT but it’s my way or the highway when it comes to Cher- so deal with it.)

Confession time: I’m way too excited for the release of Cher’s new film Burlesque- I’ve been lying with my ear to the ground since I first heard she was being set free from her Vegas prison. Now, its release is just too close for me to hold my tongue any longer (17th of December- 36 days and counting!)
Now, let the glitter explosion begin:

1. Storyline: from what I can tell it’s going to be Showgirls with more legend and less tits. 
This is basically the poster
showgirls burlesque cher poster funny
 I renamed it “Chergirls” just in case you can’t see.

We can only hope that Christina can do Nomi Malone justice, I can just feel her smouldering in this photo!

2. Other recent musicals have been pretty appalling
Did anyone see Nine?! I fell asleep in it after Penelope Cruz did her whole sexy thing.
I have high hopes for Burlesque.

3. The Cast

Cher- I did mention that Cher’s in it right? Cause yeah, she is. Cher’s films are always good.. she’s so multi-talented *sigh*
This is from Mermaids-
mermaids cher costume winona ryder christina ricci

Christina Aguilera- although recently she’s been pretty annoying, doing things like copying Lady Gaga’s whole look then pretending not to know who she is (who did she think she was kidding?) I did like her quite a bit when I was younger- her Back to Basics album is worth a re-listen for definite. 
Plus she’s smokin’ hot in the Lady Marmalade video and as this film is actually called Burlesque rather than Chergirls- I’m hoping for more of the same. 
All speculation aside, she’s still going to have to prove herself as an actress. Although, my thinking is that as this is her first foray onto the silver screen after eleven years in the public eye, she’ll have really thought about this film and will make it a brilliant debut. (perhaps some other starlets should have followed her example AHEMpixielott- the Fred movie? Seriously?)

Kristen Bell- 
kristen bell black and white pretty burlesque

Stanley Tucci: he’s been a good supporting actor in a range of enjoyable recent releases- The Devil Wears Prada, The Lovely Bones, Easy A, Lucky Number Slevin etc. and from reviews that I’ve read he’s an asset to the cast of Burlesque.


Tuesday, 9 November 2010


funny cats cat pun lolcats taco

I don’t know how many of you are going to be appalled or shocked in any way by this but..
I’m a cat person.
There’s no two ways about it- I yearn for the rough burn of a sand-paper tongue on my face, the warm love-fuelled vibrations of guttural purring and even the fishy aroma of my baby’s breath is enough to make my heart sigh.
Ay me! I miss my cat too much.
And judging by the popularity of LolCats I’ve deduced that the people of the Internet are cat people too.  
(we'll just pretend like those other people don't exist- ugh! -dog people- *shudder* ) 
Anyway.. I’ve decided to share with you a selection of my favourite feline-related “lulz” available online. 

The original website is a stalwart Internet classic, but this link is to their Youtube channel. It's a solid choice if you're after cuteness in abundance- N.B- if you only have time for one video: kitten riding tortoise is the pièce de résistance of this channel.

Self explanatory.

An excellent documentary following three self-confessed crazy cat ladies.. it's somewhat how I envision my future..

Click “next cat” again and again until your clicker breaks or the mesmerising felines lull you into a stupor that lasts until you are awakened by true love’s first miaow! 

Late addition to this post but <3

This is my favourite video on the internet, I have never seen anyone fail to be roused by this magnificent specimen.
The whole channel's a winner if you're into Engrish and curious cats. I mean, this cat has some strange strange habits.. 
Conspiracy Theory: by how avidly his owner documents said habits I have sufficient reason to believe that Maru was specially trained from birth. I want to know how.
And I think I'm in love with Maru's owner. Seriously.

Okay, I've preached on here before about life not being a beauty pageant but when judging on aesthetics means you get to drool over beautiful balls of fur then I'm all for it..

Cruel? Funny? Beautiful? I'm not sure but this book is definitely on my Christmas list.. 

Don't judge me just cause I like cats more than people ;) 


I dedicate this post to Robot Wars, as I pilfered most of this from him; you know who you are. 

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Glamour Modelling

My current TV guilty pleasure is ITV2’s The Only Way is Essex; it’s erm… think The Hills- but in Essex. I’m not really going to recommend it to you because it is as awful as it sounds- but it got me thinking.

            One of the main characters (can I call them characters? It’s supposed to be real life or something) is a budding glamour model. Amy’s a total Barbie- plastic boobs, hair, eyelashes and a “sunset glow” *cough*orange, and not the brightest bulb in the box. Yet, I don’t see why she would want to be a glamour model. She seems to have a profitable home business as a beautician and obviously she’s getting money and (relative) fame for participating in this programme. So why glamour? And not just why glamour for Amy, why glamour for so many other girls?

            There is a lot of contention over whether page three culture is a progression of women’s liberation- women no longer having to appear prim, proper and passive; or if it’s hugely sexist. I think to a certain extent it is a matter of personal choice, I don’t have a problem with legitimate modelling and that if a woman wants to do that she should be allowed. The most disturbing part of it all, I find- is the amount of young girls whose aspiration is to be a glamour model, girls too young to understand glamour modelling's true purpose. They no longer yearn to be teachers, doctors or even actresses, they want a career based purely on aesthetics and more often than not surgery. Where is the ambition in that? It’s not even like you can really make a lot of money or become  famous from it, even those who read lads mags can refer to probably no more than three glamour models by name- and who wants to be a nameless object?

In the media Jordan/Katie Price is often described as being a brilliant business woman. But really, what more is she than someone that looks good on camera and lived in a jungle for a few weeks? The rest of her success is entirely reliant on the press machine she works so hard to keep focussed on her.

 I can’t help but feel that this shift in female ambition stems from society’s archaic expectation that women should be beautiful before they are clever or talented. Hopefully this will change one day, but I doubt it.

Sorry this is a bit ranty but I felt I needed to say it. Books before looks girls.