Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Dolly's People 1: Dessy the Furry

Today I’m going to be talking to Dessy, or Desmond- a teenage furry from Virginia U.S.A..
It probably goes without saying that this conversation is not for children’s eyes..
(p.s. For the uninitiated I have included links with definitions to some of the more specialist terminology)

Dolly: Do your friends and family know about your predilection for critter tail?
Dessy: Hm... I don't believe my family know the first thing about furries. At all. So no.
But most of my friends are well aware of my being an active member of the furry fandom.

Dolly: Did you get any bad reactions when you 'outed yourself'?

Dessy: Nothing worse than a bit of innocent teasing and harmless gests. We furries, especially in places like 4chan and YouTube, are the subject of some mirth.

Dolly: So tell me, is there any particular beast that really gets your engines going?

Dessy: I recently--and I do mean recently, after being indecisive for quite some time--decided to be a dragon. This means I'm a member of a subcategory of those furries who elect to have fursonas to represent themselves within the community that are called "scalies."

Dolly: So there are some of y'all that don't have one special animal they're into?

Dessy: Certainly. Furries are members of the fandom of anthropomorphic animals, and don't necessarily poke their noses into any sort of roleplay as actual animal characters. Not each furry has his or her own 'fursona'.

Dolly: Let’s get down to brass tacks. What sexual orientation would you consider yourself (in both furry and human relationships)

Dessy: Heh. I don't tend to hold a furry relationship distinct from a human relationship. My boyfriend Jared is both a furry and a human, as it were. As am I, but I would call myself bisexual, despite admittedly never having slept with a woman.

Dolly: So, you dig both boy and girl dragons?

Jared is a fox. 
Foxes seem to be the most common animal.
They're everywhere. It's frightening.

Dolly: Well, I suppose they are quite sexy. Well, for animals.

Dessy: Oh? ;P

Dolly: You’ve seen Disney’s Robin Hood. I would, and quite frankly- who wouldn’t?

Dessy: Oh, goodness, yes. A movie from my childhood. I wouldn't say it had much bearing on my becoming a furry, but I certainly loved that movie well.
And still do, I suppose
I have it downstairs on VHS.

Dolly: So are you into the whole team mascot-esque fursuit thing?
Or indeed.. scale suits?

Dessy: Heheh... Well. They're neat and whatnot, but I can't say I intend to wear one at any foreseeable time in the future, let alone purchase or make one. I'm fairly satisfied with my appearance in real life, and I doubt I would be satisfied with the appearance of a fursuit meant to look like my fursona.

Dolly: Well. As far as I’m concerned, when there’s one kink there’s often a whole tonne of others there too. What else turns you on?

Between you and me, I have a fetish called Vorarephilia.
And I have as long as I can remember.
Explaining it is always a bother.

(don’t worry guys, I am ALL OVER the google on this, I really wouldn't do it yourself if I was you- Ed.)

Dolly: Do you ever get off to nature films etc with the real animals? Or are you just into the anthro stuff?

Dessy: Nature films? That strikes me as silly. I can't help but laugh at the thought of someone giving a dull narration to something I consider porn.

Nah. I tend to stick with finer pieces of art.
I suppose.

Is it supposed to be at all awkward that we're talking about me masturbating?

And you intend to blog about this?


Yes. I am a dirty dirty girl.
Well, I hope y’all enjoyed today’s peek into an unconventional mind!

If you're fully intrigued and want to see more along this vein, this website has lotsa weird and wonderful animal dongs on show. Check out the forum for added creepiness.  

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