Tuesday, 21 December 2010


I was just sat in the bath flicking through Cosmo (don’t judge me) when I came across this article:

Despite the classic Cosmopolitan hyperbolic tagline which makes it seem as if it’s going to be about some sort of SMS-related suicide pact- it’s actually about a girl who crashed her car while texting… so not really a “new deadly craze” seeing as I’ve certainly been texting for six years already and I’m not exactly technologically forward-thinking, and since when have car accidents been classed as a craze?

Anyway. This has got me thinking. Am I addicted enough to technology that it could endanger my life? You read all these scare-mongering stories in the paper about kids getting RSI through using their phones too much and last week I saw a documentary about video game addiction- not so much risking their lives, but certainly ruining them. So yeah, what about me?

Of course, I couldn’t go the same way as the girl in the article seeing as I don’t drive and I think I probably never will.. but still, am I an addict? I’m not really into texting or gaming but there are four things I check on the internet:
1. My emails
2. This blog
3. The other blogs I read
4. Facebook

Now, what on this list could I live without… well, I only check my emails once a day and I never really get anything important so I don’t really care. This blog is kind of just me so it looks after itself- I don’t really have to moderate it.. and I don’t think that most visitors to it come for my writing, I mean check out what people googled to get here in the past week:
The other blogs I read are just for fun, and I can catch up on them at any time so it’s no biggie if I miss out. Facebook, however is somewhat different for me. I frequently think about packing it in for good and deleting my profile as I spend far too much time on it when I should be doing something constructive, but then there’s that horrible fear that if I delete it people won’t bother to contact me. Pathetic I know.
When I’m on holiday or something and I can’t check my Facebook for long stretches I get a bit edgy and I have no idea why.. does anyone else get that? It’s not like I expect people to write slander about me on my wall or something- but it feels as if it might happen when I can’t keep an eye on what’s going on.
One day I’ll man up and delete it: it bores me silly. It’s just a constant stream of  mundane events in other people’s lives and 80% of my friends on it are people I don’t like or barely know- so I actually couldn’t care less.

Okay, crunch time. I’ll make a pact with you.. I’ll delete it when I turn 25. Promise. Just like I’ll cut my hair off when I turn 30. These things are going to definitely happen, and if they don’t you have permission to do them to me without my consent.

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