Monday, 29 November 2010

Sugar Daddies

When a girl’s down on her luck- it’s always an option to ensnare someone rich and elderly, get them to put a ring on it then wait it out til they kick the bucket.
I mean, if Anna Nicole Smith can do it so could I! We’re both voluptuous blondes with a penchant for stripping after all.

But, I don’t quite think I could. Anyone over forty makes me think of my father and that’s all a bit Freudian and unnerving. I don’t even usually find older celebrities attractive.. George Clooney is forty-nine for Jesus’ sake amen!
(look at those crows feet)

They probably are all wrinkly and syphilis-ridden underneath their clothes- I don’t care if they have more “experience”- they probably started out pre-the existence of condoms! I can't imagine how so many girls do it- and how many men think they can get away with it.. I’ve been leered at by many a geriatric in my time. (and it isn’t just men, we met an old lady in a mobility scooter who offered Mohawk a lift up to Manchester in her shiny new Zafira)

In my mind men are not like fine wines that only get better with age- they are glasses of milk that should be left well alone once they’re past their best.

What do you all think? Boys are you into cougars? Was this what Meatloaf was singing about when he’d do anything for love but he won’t do that?

Comment with any responses? Tell me if I am normal!

EDIT: Oh! I forgot, there is one exception.. Don Draper mmm he's so beautiful. Also James Bond in the books.


  1. Normal - No.

    Genius - Yes.

    And by the way.. You're Welcome.



  2. I like how you're saying older men suck but frequently criticize me for dating a younger one...

  3. 1. stop spelling like an american
    2. i can't help it that you're a kiddie fiddler.