Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Blondes Have More Fun, Like Obviously!

Okay basically this post is going to come across as borderline Hitler Jugend so *insert some ‘I’m not racist but’/ ‘I have ethnic minority friends’ bullshit here* but anyway.. as the official favourite black person of the white people Mrs Beyonce-Z has proven; anyone can be blonde if they try!
Blondes are the best! They just are so stop arguing you brunette naysayer. 
You want reasons? Well I’ll bloody give them to you. 
1. There is an effortless glamour you gain upon becoming blonde. Someone name me a glamourpuss who wasn’t blonde. 

2. Blondes are MARTYRS to their cause. Do any of you realise how much becoming blonde hurts? The stuff you have to slather all over your scalp just BURNS and plus it smells horrid, and the stench stays in your hair for a few washes. Basically, if your blonde hair dye doesn’t burn and gas you out of the bathroom then it just isn’t working. 

3. Blonde is the only colour that doesn’t look totally tragic when your roots come through.. well.. up to a point, when it gets past an inch you’re edging towards looking like you dyed your hair with a bowl on your head. Not fierce. 

4. all the best pop stars are blondes.
-Madonna (obviously) 
-Debbie Harry 
-Lady Gaga (I know she’s blue or something nowadays but screw that!) 
-Dusty Springfield 
-Dolly Parton 
-Cyndi Lauper 
-Stevie Nicks 
(wish I could get a picture for all of these beauties) 

5. you know who wasn’t blonde? 

This guy 
Oh oh and this girl who by the way I think totally did it 



  1. Totally agreeing with that ;D it's great to be a blonde. I was just talking about that with my friend (also a blonde) a few a days ago. :) not that I have anything against brunettes, but I tried being brunette, and that really didn't work for me :D

    This was fun to read, and I like your writing in other posts too :) also, thanks for commenting! :)