Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Y’all may have noticed that I’m not writing about Christmas- and no, it’s not for religious reasons; I just hate all the early hype about it. I promise a Christmas special on xmas eve- no earlier, no later.

Well, today’s post is going to be one that reveals a lot about me, and is very close to my heart. So like, you’re not allowed to laugh.
Basically I’m going to tell you about my embarrassing celebrity crushes. And I’m not going to wuss out and like say genuinely attractive people and then be like “oh how embarrassing lolololol”. I am actually semi-repulsed by these men- but I so would- given the chance. 

1. Jeremy Paxman
I know I bitched about older gents in a previous post. But like.. it’s not the physical that makes me yearn for Paxman- and it’s not political either. What really gets me going as far as Paxman is concerned; is his role as quizmaster on University Challenge. UC is one of my favourite programmes on telly- and Paxman just makes it. My favourite thing he does is that disproving look at those silly students when they fail to recall a quite obvious answer about Spenser’s Faerie Queene or quantum physics or some other frankly elementary subject. Oh Jeremy… *sigh*

  2. Anton Du Beke
I don’t really watch Strictly Come Dancing, but when I do it is only for Anton. I love how he’s consistently paired with the most appalling dancers but they always get far in the competition because of Anton’s comedic choreography and his general suave style. How bad he looks in his Latin ensembles just makes me like him more. I also love his voice- he just seems like such a gent.

 3. Rafael Nadal
Rafa is not the most attractive tennis player on the scene, and, as much as I hate Federer- I can see he is handsome in a way Nadal will never achieve.  But, perversely for someone as obsessed with good English as I am- I only like him because of how bad his spoken English is. Watching him being interviewed just brings me endless joy. That little Spanish lisp of his! It just makes me want to wrap myself around him.

4. CJ from Eggheads
CJ is my favourite Egghead. I think if you looked at some stats you would probably find out he is one of the worst Eggheads, but this only endears him to me more. I’ve even written him a fan letter- and I totally got a reply (<3 you CJ). I actually think CJ might be gay- because of his penchant for floral shirts and how before his quizzing days he was a model- but frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. It’s never stopped me before.

5. Stephen Fry
I don’t even need to explain, do I?

P.S please comment on this with any embarrassing crushes you have- and you're not allowed to say anyone that you've heard other people say are sexy. Okay?

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