Wednesday, 10 November 2010


(Warning: this post is going to be super camp and OTT but it’s my way or the highway when it comes to Cher- so deal with it.)

Confession time: I’m way too excited for the release of Cher’s new film Burlesque- I’ve been lying with my ear to the ground since I first heard she was being set free from her Vegas prison. Now, its release is just too close for me to hold my tongue any longer (17th of December- 36 days and counting!)
Now, let the glitter explosion begin:

1. Storyline: from what I can tell it’s going to be Showgirls with more legend and less tits. 
This is basically the poster
showgirls burlesque cher poster funny
 I renamed it “Chergirls” just in case you can’t see.

We can only hope that Christina can do Nomi Malone justice, I can just feel her smouldering in this photo!

2. Other recent musicals have been pretty appalling
Did anyone see Nine?! I fell asleep in it after Penelope Cruz did her whole sexy thing.
I have high hopes for Burlesque.

3. The Cast

Cher- I did mention that Cher’s in it right? Cause yeah, she is. Cher’s films are always good.. she’s so multi-talented *sigh*
This is from Mermaids-
mermaids cher costume winona ryder christina ricci

Christina Aguilera- although recently she’s been pretty annoying, doing things like copying Lady Gaga’s whole look then pretending not to know who she is (who did she think she was kidding?) I did like her quite a bit when I was younger- her Back to Basics album is worth a re-listen for definite. 
Plus she’s smokin’ hot in the Lady Marmalade video and as this film is actually called Burlesque rather than Chergirls- I’m hoping for more of the same. 
All speculation aside, she’s still going to have to prove herself as an actress. Although, my thinking is that as this is her first foray onto the silver screen after eleven years in the public eye, she’ll have really thought about this film and will make it a brilliant debut. (perhaps some other starlets should have followed her example AHEMpixielott- the Fred movie? Seriously?)

Kristen Bell- 
kristen bell black and white pretty burlesque

Stanley Tucci: he’s been a good supporting actor in a range of enjoyable recent releases- The Devil Wears Prada, The Lovely Bones, Easy A, Lucky Number Slevin etc. and from reviews that I’ve read he’s an asset to the cast of Burlesque.


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