Monday, 15 November 2010

Student Money Saving Tips

I'm a tight-fisted miser and proud, and why shouldn't I be? I have money and you all have none. Follow these five key principles and live the life of a king:

1. Get yourself on the mailing list for Martin’s Money Tips, he collates all the deals and vouchers available online and in newspapers/magazines. There are all sorts, from online shopping to restaurants and magazine freebies. He’ll even advise you as to how much you’d have to spend in order for it to be worth it: for example, if you had 10% off H&M online you’d have to spend at least £30 for it to be worth it if the delivery is £3.

2.     Student discounts: ask if you can get money off whenever you try and buy something. At McDonalds you can get a free cheeseburger/hamburger/McFlurry if you buy a meal and present a student card; by my reckoning you can probably feed two people for under a fiver if you buy a large meal, have the free burger and split the chips and drink. If you have an NUS card you can get even better discounts, the most useful ones (in my opinion) are those for Amazon and Superdrug.

3.      Don’t be afraid to complain: if you’re not happy with something- go and give them a piece of your mind! One time I found a bit of plastic in a pizza at Frankie and Benny’s and we got the whole meal for free, all five of us.  Sending letters of complaint is also a good method to get vouchers and free stuff.

4.    Shop/cook in groups: everyone knows that it’s cheaper to buy in bulk and it also enables you to take advantage of buy one get one free and 3 for 2 deals. Alternatively, buy lots and freeze what you’re not going to immediately use. Also don’t shop while you’re hungry- cause you’ll just buy a load of junk food you don’t actually need.

5.     Take advantage of 2nd hand stuff: if you need something, try asking if anyone in your family/friends have an old one you can have, or check out charity shops. Your Nan probably has a spare toaster or drying-rack hanging about and you’ll get it for free unless she’s a total stinge.

Hope you find these useful and they help you all to be super prudent and thrifty. 

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