Tuesday, 9 November 2010


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I don’t know how many of you are going to be appalled or shocked in any way by this but..
I’m a cat person.
There’s no two ways about it- I yearn for the rough burn of a sand-paper tongue on my face, the warm love-fuelled vibrations of guttural purring and even the fishy aroma of my baby’s breath is enough to make my heart sigh.
Ay me! I miss my cat too much.
And judging by the popularity of LolCats I’ve deduced that the people of the Internet are cat people too.  
(we'll just pretend like those other people don't exist- ugh! -dog people- *shudder* ) 
Anyway.. I’ve decided to share with you a selection of my favourite feline-related “lulz” available online. 

The original website is a stalwart Internet classic, but this link is to their Youtube channel. It's a solid choice if you're after cuteness in abundance- N.B- if you only have time for one video: kitten riding tortoise is the pièce de résistance of this channel.

Self explanatory.

An excellent documentary following three self-confessed crazy cat ladies.. it's somewhat how I envision my future..

Click “next cat” again and again until your clicker breaks or the mesmerising felines lull you into a stupor that lasts until you are awakened by true love’s first miaow! 

Late addition to this post but <3

This is my favourite video on the internet, I have never seen anyone fail to be roused by this magnificent specimen.
The whole channel's a winner if you're into Engrish and curious cats. I mean, this cat has some strange strange habits.. 
Conspiracy Theory: by how avidly his owner documents said habits I have sufficient reason to believe that Maru was specially trained from birth. I want to know how.
And I think I'm in love with Maru's owner. Seriously.

Okay, I've preached on here before about life not being a beauty pageant but when judging on aesthetics means you get to drool over beautiful balls of fur then I'm all for it..

Cruel? Funny? Beautiful? I'm not sure but this book is definitely on my Christmas list.. 

Don't judge me just cause I like cats more than people ;) 


I dedicate this post to Robot Wars, as I pilfered most of this from him; you know who you are. 

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