Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Time Warp

I was watching a programme on iplayer (Turn Back Time: The High Street) and this, combined with watching another programme on 4OD (Time Warp Wives- and yes I’m aware that I watch too much TV) has planted an idea seed in the compost of my mind.

I think I was born in the wrong era. People say this all the time but they’ve not looked at it from all angles, could they really live without facebook, the Xbox or Primark? I realise I’m criticising these people whilst writing a blog- but I suppose in the olden days I’d have written for the Parish Newsletter or something. Anyway, the time in which I think I’d feel most at home is during the second world war, perhaps the fifties or sixties would be trendier but my reasons are as follows:

Back then a woman was a woman; they wore dresses never trousers (love it) red lipstick (double love it) and medium-height heeled shoes (practical). They were comparably modest ensembles, not too much chest or legs; perfect, I'd have been the cat's meow. 
Check these ladies out:

Whilst many of our men would have been sent off to the front, I’d be willing to make that sacrifice if they all looked that dashing in their uniforms. Also, towards the end of the war we had American GIs come over- and flirting with British women was a common pastime for them.

The music was just so good! Lots of brass and crooners, no awful twanging and wailing like nowadays. And the best part of the music was the dances people held to keep up morale! I’d have loved to learn to jive, lindy hop or swing.

For most people, WW2 food would be a turn off.. there wasn’t much of it for starters- this was the age of rationing. There wasn’t much meat, sugar, butter or eggs and many other necessities ran short- but there were a lot of carrots, and guess what? Carrots are my fave.

Women’s Lib
While the men were at war women had to take up their jobs; so it was quite common to become a WREN, part of the Women’s Land Army, work in munitions factories or be a bus conductress. I think I’d have liked to do something like that, I’d have never been a VAD though, I’m too afraid of blood.

All in all I’d have been a jolly good sport during the war; I think it’d be worth dodging a few bombs for. 

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