Friday, 12 August 2011

Scrimp With Me

Hey guys, last time I did a post about saving money y’all seemed to really like it. So I thought I’d do another one sharing more of my pennypinching know-how. 

I effing ADORE getting things on the cheap- and it’s even better when you can get them for FREE. I highly recommend that you become a fan of Women Freebies on facebook. From one month of following the links given on just this one website I have managed to get---- drumroll please:

A big bar of galaxy chocolate
Lots of wrinkle cream samples
A tin of spam
A facemask
A small vial of Tabasco sauce

Which is not bad! Some of the samples through the post take a little while to arrive, but seeing as it’s not costing you anything, it’d be rude to moan about it.

2. Magazines
It’s always worth checking what free gifts are on offer! This month’s Cosmo has a free pair of Eyelure false eyelashes, which I know retail in Boots for around £5, and Cosmo is only £3.50!
So not only do you get a slightly sexist bible of weird sex tips and TRUE LIFE STORIES- you also get to look lash-tastic! Hot!
Frankly, who wouldn't want to look like they have moths clinging to their eyelashes?

3. Get Bank Savvy

Are you in possession of a child bank account you’ve almost forgotten about?
If yes… STOP
Now is the time to remember it. Chances are that the interest you’re getting on it is an absolute pittance. So move that money betch!
But remember: it’s highly likely that the account will be under one of your parents names, but they can be signed over to you, so check it out!
Shop around for the best deal, and be sure of what you want.
An instant access savings account means you can get at your money in an emergency, but a fixed-term saver might mean you get better rates.
But be practical, you don’t want to be caught out!

4. Collect Vouchers
See, Katie Holmes doesn't even need to use them but she still does, because coupons are just so CELEBRITY
With my last box of hair dye (Garnier Ultra Colour in Ice Blonde- yes I’m not a natural blonde. Now get over it you horrible judgmental people) I got a coupon for money off Garnier roll-on deoderant! That’s pretty cool!
My top tip for voucher usage is to write down when they expire in a diary- then you’ll be reminded to use them before they run out.
I know using vouchers is usually the preserve of housewives and old women, but in this economic climate I am glad of all the 30p savings I can make.
As some crazy old broad once said- ‘watch the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves’.


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