Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Dolly's People: Ladyboy Enthusiast

Today I'm going to be chatting with Alan Smithee, a dapper chap with a penchant for the ambiguously sexed- Enjoy!

Dolly: so Alan, for those of us who aren't familiar with the ins and outs of gender-bending, what exactly defines a ladyboy?

AS: It's a tough one, sexuality really can't be compartmentalised as easily as people tend to think. It's a spectrum and a lot of it's down to individual perceptions. I'd personally say that a ladyboy is effectively a chick with a dick. I'd also say there's a subtle difference between a ladyboy and a transvestite; for me the transvestite has a sense of deception about it, like a man disguised as a woman. A ladyboy, to me, is absolutely a lady, but with a dick. I can't speak for everybody, but that's my view.

Dolly: Would you ever consider doing the dirty with a pretty convincing transvestite or at the other end of the spectrum a post-op transsexual?

AS: I think it'd be pretty narrow to say I wouldn't consider anything! If you're saying 'transvestite' rather than 'ladyboy' then I guess it's not a write off, but it's not my thing. Same with post-ops. As a big fan of ladyboys it almost seems a shame that people feel the need to have an operation, but if someone feels like that's what they'd want then I guess it's the right thing for them. They really don't appeal the same way ladyboys do.

Dolly: Have you ever indulged your passion for chicks with dicks I.R.L. or is it purely a late-night googling thing?

AS: Late night/Late morning. Good old internet.

Dolly: What, in your opinion- are the attributes that really make a dame with a dong into a realistic woman?

AS: It's a toughy. What makes anyone feminine? I think there's a definite sense with a ladyboy that they're definitely a she. I guess there's just something integral that crosses the line of a man pretending and becomes a lady with an alternative appendage.

Dolly: I see the attraction, dicks are fun! and easy to operate, and boobs are p. cool too- to quote Hannah Montana it's the best of both worlds! Is this how you think of it?

AS: Who knows. You know when you get a pub lunch and you're offered chicken or pork? That's literally the closest I can come to what it could be. I hate ordering the same thing all the time.

A friend of mine thinks it might be because it'd be cool to be with a girl who had to adjust herself too. Whilst I don't know quite how much I attribute to his theory, that is pretty cool.

Oh, and by 'adjust herself' I meant when a guy stands up and sometimes has to re-angle his junk to walk comfy. A chick doing that would be pretty cool.

Dolly: Does liking ladyboys automatically make you bisexual? I've heard the word ‘pansexual’ being bandied about but that always seemed like a funny one.. either as if you'd find ANYTHING sexually attractive, or you're into pans.

AS: Or that you wanna fuck the goat-person from Guillermo Del Toro's flick.

Dolly: so tru

AS: I don't know, I guess if we're attaching a rigid framework to sexuality then it would make me bi. But sexuality really doesn't work like that in my mind, it should be a lot more open-ended than just saying yes or no. I honestly consider a ladyboy to be a lady with a dick, so if it's a lady to me then that would make it heterosexual attraction, but then the dick would make it gay. It's a big old moral minefield and honestly I don't think it matters all that much, maybe we label sexuality so vigourously because it's scary to people, people who are open about sexuality don't tend to give a shit in my experience.

Dolly: One last thing, are you planning a trip to Thailand anytime soon?

AS: Thailand is the first thing that comes to mind isn't it? I'm not sure if going there would be quite what I'd want it to be. Can you really enjoy it if you're getting charged? It'd probably seem a lot more illicit and a lot less fun.

Dolly: Well, thanks a million for agreeing to be interviewed~ it’s been fun. Now go back to one typing one-handed in a sex chatroom if you wish! Ciao ciao!

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