Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I am a Terrible Person

I really suck. I am a genuinely dire person and there are a lot of things that I am truly awful at. Today’s post is a list of my failings. Maybe I’ll list my talents at a later date.

I can’t walk properly and I’ve ruined every pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. I drag my feet and trip over all the time.
It’s gone beyond being salvageable after a trip to the cobblers. I bought these shoes at the end of November.


I tried to wash my nice white French Connection shirt, and now it’s lilac.

This is my desk, it’s a total bombsite. And I have no shame either, I let people into my room when it looks a helluva lot worse than this. Filth.


I find it really hard to be sympathetic to people. My friend just told me she burnt her hand and my reply was “hahah fool” jeesh I’m cruel. If I burnt my hand I’d expect at least a non-sarcastic “awwr you poor thing”

Having a forehead

Look at it, it’s three effing centimetres high.
In the words of HRH Tyra Banks- it’s a threehead.


  1. Haha, your comment was hilarious! I suck at life in general. Don't feel bad. Are you from the United Kingdom? Cool. I am from the U.S. Lame :-) I followed you

  2. Hahaha. This is so funny. I love iiiiiit. And I'm the ultimate shoe ruiner. It's not a good title to have.

    And gurl, you rawk your Tytybaby forehead.

  3. you have succeeded in making me measure my forehead, there's no doubt I have to follow now :)

  4. haha i guess im a terrible person too :( I go through shoes like a clean freak goes through soap. maybe its because im clumsy or lazy but after a month my shoes look like i have stomped in mud full of sharp rocks. and i too suck at sympathy, tidiness and washing. haha but i think i have a fore head :P your really funny, i really enjoyed reading this post.

    check me out!