Monday, 7 February 2011


I’ll admit it, I’m an old fashioned girl. I like my men to be men; and what screams “man” more than a delicious coating of body hair? Yes, that’s right, I’m pro-hair.
Modern media’s message to women implies that in order to be attractive we should all be totally hairless- with the exception of our eyelashes and of the hair on our head where it should be impossibly long and lustrous.

But this message is not just a problem for us girls; more and more frequently this is also indoctrinating our men!


(fun fact: apparently a back wax is called a "sweater removal" in certain circles LOL)

According to (a most excellent website I spend way too much time on) male depilation is now imperative.
Well, I’m all for a little light pruning if needs must. But lay down your wax strips and Veet and listen!

I have surveyed the populace (okay so I asked some people on facebook- deal with it) and the survey suggests that 70% of straight women are in favour of body hair, 20% don’t particularly care and only 1 person surveyed preferred her men aerodynamically hairless. I only got one result from gay men (and 100% of all surveyed says hair is good) so its probably not representative, but NEVERTHELESS, I think you should all take my painstaking research into serious consideration.

Let it grow.
Come on boys, would you rather be Peter Andre or Don Draper?

Who would you rather emulate?

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