Tuesday, 8 March 2011

View From The Top

Okay, I have SERIOUSLY been neglecting this blog.. er.. my excuse? Mainly that I have a new beau and I have essays due in- pathetic huh? But anyway, to get me inspired again, I’m going to write a series of reviews on films you all probably haven’t seen.

Today I am going to do the 2003 rom-com View from the Top

First, the film poster-

1. Gwyneth never wears that outfit in the film.
2.  Somebody has photoshopped Candice Bergen’s head onto a 22 year old’s body. WHAT.
3. Don’t you think that overall it’s just an annoying poster?

Secondly, the cast-

Love Paltrow, Applegate and Bergen; but I hate Mike Myers and Mark Ruffalo. And not just, as this list may suggest, because they are men.
Mark Ruffalo is an awful love interest, he was in 13 Going on 30 and he is in this, he’s just not funny or charming! Why would a stunner like Gwyneth fall for him?!
And I am glad Hollywood is over Mike Myers nowadays, I don’t think he’s done anything of merit since Shrek 2.
Also it has the black chick from Clueless in it, she has like 2 lines.. but where is she now?

The Plot-
It’s a cutesy small town girl with big dreams kinda story.. I actually like it, so sue me.

Wikipedia Article


I like what they wear in this film, but maybe that has more to do with an inner fixation I have about being an air hostess, even a horrid tacky one like she is at the beginning of the film.

Is surprisingly bangin’ but they’re too cheapskate to use the versions by the original artists. 

All in all, I think IMDb's score of 5/10 is pretty dead on, it's a fun watch but it's kind of annoying and awful as well.. 

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  1. Your blog is really good, and witty too :)